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Miao, Qiang

Born in 1942 in Beijing, China, the author graduated in 1965 from the Thermo-Physics Department of Tianjin BEIYANG University. After several engagements with the National Science & Technology Commission, the Physics Institute and the Space Science & Technology Center of the Chinese Academy of Science (CAS), he founded a company for the development of medical devices. In 1991 he established the THK High-Tec Corporation in Cologne, Germany. His interest in the theory of the meridian arose when he came into contact with TCM in the late Eighties. He was appointed a TCM Guest Professor in China in 2002. Six years later, he set up the Eifel TCM Clinic and founded the Cosmos-Physiology Laboratory. In 2008 he was appointed Engineering/Physics Professor by the Culture Ministry of the Federal Republic of Germany. Recently, he has dedicated himself to TCM and meridian research.


Meridian is the Channel for the Bio-Wave in Human Body

The Theoretical Basis of Chinese Medicine

The Meridian is the most important concept in Traditional Chinese Medicine. 5000 years ago, Chinese scientists discovered energy streams in the human body and ever since the phenomenon of the meridian, together with medicinal herbs and acupuncture, has been used to treat illness. As with the anatomical system for Western Medicine, the science of the meridian in the body can be regarded as the basis of Eastern Medicine. In this book, Professor Miao presents his knowledge and the results of more than 20 years of detailed research. Inspired by the Daoist concept of the unity of heaven and humanity, he establishes bio-physical and bio-mathematical models for the meridian. The meridian, the author claims, is the result of an interaction between the geo-physical field and the physiological activity of the human body. This interaction creates subsonic vibration which in turn leads to the formation of so called “bio-wave” streaming through the human body. The author also explores his new definition of “Qi” and “Xue” (blood) and explains the spreading of the bio-wave by means of audio frequencies. In addition, Professor Miao uses bio-wave theory as the context in which to present his results for the effects of Chinese Medicine on the basis of more than 10 selected herbs. The author uses cell and molecular biology to explain the medical effects of Qigong and acupuncture. The author uses the “Standing Wave” theory to explain the theoretical principle of acupuncture anaesthesia. 

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ISBN 978-3-8280-3237-8 

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